Chapter 10. Connecting with Other eBayers

Before they started spending all their time checking email and surfing the Web for celebrity gossip, people used to go their local marketplace to meet up with friends and flirt with the cute merchants. In the Internet age, eBay provides the same function.

More than just a place to buy and sell, eBay is also a place to network and socialize. People have started long-term partnerships and friendships on eBay. One couple even met on eBay and married at eBay’s annual convention (he bought her engagement ring in a last-second snipe).

Even if you’re not looking for new buddies, you can maximize your buying and selling power on eBay by building relationships with other eBayers. You can trade tips and tricks, find others with similar interests, and ask for advice. This chapter presents general and specialized discussion groups, both on and off eBay, that will help you make satisfying connections. Here are some of the topics it covers:

  • eBay discussion boards.

  • Live chats.

  • Workshops and classes with other eBayers.

  • The eBay Affiliates program.

  • Offsite eBay discussions.

  • eBay’s annual in-person convention, eBay Live!

Connect with the Community

eBay’s Community page, shown in Figure 10-1, offers a host of different ways to make connections with other eBayers: through discussion boards, chat rooms, workshops, and more.

Click the navigation bar’s Community link to open up a world of connections. You can get quick access to the Feedback Forum (Section 2.1), chat with other eBayers on discussion boards or in live chats, and get answers to your questions from the volunteers in the Answer Center. The Community page is also the place to go for official eBay news, announcements, and upcoming events.
Figure 10-1. Click the navigation bar’s Community ...

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