Chapter 2. IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance in brief 51
drill down capabilities of reports (such as the Topology overview) are very
powerful problem solving and troubleshooting tools.
2.4 Integration points
Existing IBM Tivoli Customers are aware of the value that can be obtained by
integrating IBM Tivoli products into a complete Performance and Availability
monitoring Infrastructure with the goals of autonomic and on demand computing.
TMTP supports these goals by including the following integration points.
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM): ITM provides monitoring for system level
resources to detect bottlenecks and potential problems and automatically
recover from critical situations. This saves system administrators from
manually scanning through extensive performance data before problems can
be resolved. ITM incorporates industry best practices in order to provide
immediate value to the enterprise. TMTP provides integration with ITM
through the ability to launch the ITM Web Health Console in the context of a
poorly performing transaction component (Figure 2-12). This is a powerful
feature, as it allows you to drill down to a lower level from your poorly
performing transaction and can allow you to identify issues such as poorly
configured systems. Also with the addition of products such as IBM Tivoli
Monitoring for Databases, IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure, and
IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Business Integration you will be further able to
diagnose infrastructure problems and, in many cases, resolve them prior to
their impacting the performance of your e-business transactions.
Figure 2-12 Launching the Web Health Console from the Topology view
52 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
򐂰 Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC): The IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console provides
sophisticated automated problem diagnosis and resolution in order to improve
system performance and reduce support costs. Any events generated by
TMTP can be automatically forwarded to the TEC. TMTP ships with the Event
Classes and rules for TEC to make use of event information from TMTP.
򐂰 Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW): TMTP ships with both ETL1 and ETL2, which
are required to use the Tivoli Data Warehouse. This allows historical TMTP
data to be collected and analyzed. It also allows TMTP to be used with other
Tivoli products, such as the Tivoli Service Level Advisor product. Chapter 10,
“Historical reporting” on page 375 describes historical reporting for TMTP
with the Tivoli Data Warehouse in some depth.
򐂰 Tivoli Business Systems Manager (TBSM): IBM Tivoli Business Systems
Manager simplifies management of mission-critical e-business systems by
providing the ability to manage real-time problems in the context of an
enterprise's business priorities. Business systems typically span Web,
client-server, and/or host environments, are comprised of many
interconnected application components, and rely on diverse middleware,
databases, and supporting platforms. Tivoli Business Systems Manager
provides customers a single point of management and control for real-time
operations for end-to-end business systems management. Tivoli Business
Systems Manager enables you to graphically monitor and control
interconnected business components and operating system resources from
one single console and give a business context to management decisions. It
helps users manage business systems by understanding and managing the
dependencies between business systems components and their underlying
infrastructure. TMTP can be integrated with TBSM using either the Tivoli
Enterprise Console or via SNMP.
򐂰 Tivoli Service Level Adviser (TSLA): TSLA automatically analyzes service
level agreements and evaluates compliance while using predictive analysis to
help avoid service level violations. It provides graphical, business level reports
via the Web to demonstrate the business value of IT. As described above,
TMTP ships with the required ETLs needed for the Tivoli Service Level
Advisor to utilize the information gathered by TMTP to create and monitor
service level agreement compliance.
򐂰 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Support: For environments
that do not have existing TEC implementations, or where the preference is to
integrate using SNMP, TMTP has the ability to generate SNMP traps when
thresholds are breached or to monitor TMTP itself.
򐂰 Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP): TMTP is also able to generate e-mail
messages to administrators when transaction thresholds are breached or
when TMTP encounters some error condition.
Chapter 2. IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance in brief 53
򐂰 Scripts: Lastly, TMTP has the capability to run a script in response to a
threshold violation or system event. The script is run at the Management
Agent and could be used to perform some type of corrective action.
Configuring TMTP to integrate with these products is discussed in more depth in
Chapter 5, “Interfaces to other management tools” on page 153.
54 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy

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