312 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
8.8.3 J2EE discovery and listening policies for Weblogic Pet Store
After successful installation of the Management Agent onto the Weblogic
application server, the next steps are creating the agent groups, schedules, and
discovery and listening policies.
For details on how to create discovery and listening policies, please refer to
8.6.2, “J2EE component configuration” on page 282.
1. We have created discovery policy petstore_j2ee_dis with the following
configuration capturing data from the Pet Store application that generated by
all users:
URI Filter http://.*/petstore/.*
User name .*
In addition, a schedule for discovery and listening policies has been created.
The name of the schedule is petsore_j2ee_dis_forever, and it runs
2. The J2EE listening policy named petstore_j2ee_lis has been defined to listen
for Pet Store transactions to the URI
egory_id=FISH, as shown in Figure 8-60 on page 313.
Note: Before creating the listening policies for the J2EE applications, it is
important to create a discovery policy and browse the Pet Store application
and generate some transactions.
Chapter 8. Measuring e-business transaction response times 313
Figure 8-60 Creating listening policy for Pet Store J2EE Application
The average response time reported by the discovery policy is 0.062 seconds
(see Figure 8-61 on page 314).
314 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
Figure 8-61 Choose Pet Store transaction for Listening policy
A threshold is defined for the listening policy for response times 20% higher
than the average reported by the discovery policy, as shown in Figure 8-62.
Figure 8-62 Automatic threshold setting for Pet Store
Discovered average response time
Response time threshold
Chapter 8. Measuring e-business transaction response times 315
Quality of Service listening policy for Pet Store
To define a QoS listening policy for the Pet Store application (pestore_qos_lis),
we used the following transaction filter:
Settings for the Back-End Service Time threshold are shown in Figure 8-63.
Figure 8-63 QoS listening policies for Pet Store automatic threshold setting
In addition, we provided the J2EE settings for the QoS listening policy shown in
Figure 8-64 on page 316 in order to ensure correlation between the QoS
front-end monitoring and the back-end monitoring provided by the J2EE
316 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
Figure 8-64 QoS correlation with J2EE application
8.8.4 Event analysis and online reports for Pet Store
If we analyze the Pet Store business process from login to submit from the Pet
Store Web site, we have a total of nine steps:
1. Log in to Pet Store site
2. Select pet
3. Select product category
4. Select/view items for this product category
5. Add to cart
6. View the shopping cart
7. Proceed to checkout
8. Supply order information
9. Submit

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