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Part 3 Using TMTP to P to
This part discusses the use of TMTP to measure both actual, real-time end-user
as well as simulated transaction response times.
Part 3
210 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
The information is divided into the following main sections:
Chapter 7, “Real-time reporting” on page 211
This chapter introduces the reader to the various reporting options available
to users of TMTP, both real-time and historical.
򐂰 Chapter 8, “Measuring e-business transaction response times” on page 225
This chapter focuses on how to set up and deploy TMTP to capture real-time
experiences as experienced by the end users.
Real-time end-user measurement by Quality of Service and J2EE are
introduced, and the use of subtransaction analysis and back-end service time
from Quality of Service are demonstrated along with the use of correlation of
the information to identify the root cause of e-business transaction problems.
򐂰 Chapter 9, “Rational Robot and GenWin” on page 325
This chapter demonstrates how to use the Rational Robot to record
e-business transactions, how to instrument those transactions in order to
generate relevant e-business transaction performance data, and how to use
TMTP’s GenWin facility to manage playback of your transactions.
򐂰 Chapter 10, “Historical reporting” on page 375
This chapter discusses methods and processes of collecting business
transaction data from the TMTP Version 5.2 relational database to Tivoli
Enterprise Date Warehouse, and analysis and presentation of that data as a
business point of view.
The target audience for this part are the users of IBM Tivoli Monitoring for
Transaction Performance who are responsible for defining monitoring policies
and interpreting the results.

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