Deploying and Managing Agents from Multiple Management Groups

Multi-homing is when an agent reports operational data to and accepts configuration and processing rules from more than one management group. A multi-homed computer only has one agent on it, but the agent interacts with each management group as if that management group were the only one it is reporting to.

These servers don’t share security or a trust relationship with the management servers

Figure 3-33. These servers don’t share security or a trust relationship with the management servers

In the Leaky Faucet MOM 2005 infrastructure there are two management groups, as shown in Figure 3-34. The production management group, LKFProd, is used for real-time monitoring and alerting, and feeds its data to the reporting services server. The preproduction management group, LKFPreProd, is used for testing configuration changes at the global, management server, and agent levels; testing new management packs; and developing new management packs and modifying existing ones. In addition to management pack and processing rule testing, the LKFPreProd management group can be used to initially monitor new servers and applications before they are introduced into the production environment. After a new server is monitored through a “burn-in” period, it is joined to the production network and its MOM agent is multi-homed to the LKFProd management group. To finish the migration from preproduction to production, the server is removed ...

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