Some inter-component communication channels are predefined and nonconfigurable, such as the protocols used for agent management or the connection between the reporting server and the operations database. Other types of communication and connections are configurable for the entire management group, such as the web addresses and the agent/management server TCP port. These global settings are covered in this section.

Web Addresses

Since Microsoft IIS is a prerequisite for the installation of MOM 2005, it is no surprise that MOM has several web-based interfaces . These interfaces are the Web console, the Online Product Knowledge Address, and the File Transfer Server, as shown in Figure 5-25. There is also a field for the Online Company Knowledge Address, but this field, like all the fields on this tab, does not need to be configured for MOM 2005 to run satisfactorily. Management pack rules can make use of these default values that are defined at the global level shown in Figure 5-25, or they can override them and use a custom value that is defined on the rule itself.

The Web Console Address is automatically populated if you choose to install the Web console. The entries on these tabs are merely text entries that can be used in alerts. Changing any configuration here does not update the actual web sites in IIS or DNS; you still have to do that manually.

If you have an online knowledge base or a help desk trouble ticketing system (or anything else with a URL that you want to reference) ...

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