About the Authors

Roger Woods

Roger Woods has over 17 years experience in implementing complex DSP systems, both in ASIC and FPGA. He leads the Programmable Systems Laboratory at Queen's University (PSL@Q) which comprises 15 researchers and which is applying programmable hardware to DSP and telecommunicatins applications. The research specifically involves: developing design flows for heterogeneous platforms involving both multiprocessors and FPGAs; programmable solutions for programmable networks; design tools for FPGA IP cores; and low-power programmable DSP solutions. Roger has been responsible for developing a number of novel advanced chip demonstrators and FPGA solutions for image processing and digital filtering.

John McAllister

John McAllister is currently a Lecturer in the Programmable Systems Laboratory and System-onChip (SoC) Research Cluster at Queen's University Belfast investigating novel system, processor and IP core architectures, design methodologies and tools for programmable embedded DSP systems, with a particular focus on FPGA-centric processing architectures. He has numerous peerreviewed publications in these areas.

Gaye Lightbody

Dr Gaye Lightbody received her MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1995 and PhD in High-performance VLSI Architectures for Recursive Least-squares Adaptive Filtering in 2000, from the Queen's Univeristy of Belfast. During this time she worked as a research assistant before joining Amphion Semiconductor Limited (now Conexant ...

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