Chapter 32

Extending the Spatial Coverage of a Voxel-Based Navigation Mesh

Kevin A. Kirst

32.1 Introduction

An AI navigation mesh, or navmesh for short, is a structure that can be used by an AI agent for pathfinding through a world. A voxel-based navmesh is one that is generated through the use of voxels. A voxel, representing a cube-shaped volume of space in a 3D grid, can be combined with other voxels to represent any volume of space. With voxels, a navmesh can be generated, which conforms greatly to the physical volume of a world, resulting in a navmesh that closely resembles the space in the world where an AI agent can physically fit. A voxel-based navmesh exists only where an AI agent can travel without colliding with or protruding into ...

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