24.8 BCH Codes

BCH codes are a class of cyclic codes. They were discovered around 1959 by R. C. Bose and D. K. Ray-Chaudhuri and independently by A. Hocquenghem. One reason they are important is that there exist good decoding algorithms that correct multiple errors (see, for example, [Gallager] or [Wicker]). BCH codes are used in satellites. The special BCH codes called Reed-Solomon codes (see Section 24.9) have numerous applications.

Before describing BCH codes, we need a fact about finite fields. Let F be a finite field with q elements. From Section 3.11, we know that q=pm is a power of a prime number p. Let n be a positive integer not divisible by p. Then it can be proved that there exists a finite field F containing F such that F contains ...

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