Chapter 18

Other Multi-App Possibilities

In This Chapter

arrow Investigating the possibilities of Virtual MIDI

arrow Implementing Korg WIST on your iOS devices

arrow Creating music in Tabletop

Audiobus and Inter-App Audio may provide the most powerful and versatile methods to get your musical apps working together, but you have a few other options as well. These methods may carry a few more limitations or work with fewer apps, but maybe you’ll find them to be just the solution you were looking for.

This chapter focuses on solutions that involve third-party apps, multiple iOS devices, and a handy music app called Tabletop that ties together multiple musical sources in a single location. Keep reading and learn more ways you can play with musical apps on your iOS device.

Using Virtual MIDI

OK, so technically everything you do on your iPhone or iPad is “virtual” —because you aren’t using any physical hardware beyond the iOS device, the software does everything in the virtual realm. And MIDI isn’t really “real,” because it’s just the messages that devices exchange to control which events take place and when they occur. But Virtual MIDI uses CoreMIDI (the iOS service built into iOS) that ...

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