Keyboard Shortcuts for iTunes 6

Table A-1. 



Shortcuts for playing songs

Play the selected song right now

Mac: Return or Space bar.

Windows: Enter or Space bar.

Move within a playing song

Mac: ⌘-Option-Right arrow or -Left arrow

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow or +Left arrow.

Play next or previous album

Mac: Option-right arrow or -left arrow (or Option-click the or buttons in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window)


Windows: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+right arrow or +left arrow.

Next/previous song

Mac: ⌘-left arrow or -right arrow (or ⌘-click the or buttons).

Windows: Ctrl+left or +right arrow (or Ctrl-click the or buttons in the iTunes window).

Shortcuts for library and playlist windows

Create a playlist from selected songs

Mac: Shift-click the + button (or drag songs to an empty spot in the Source list).

Windows: Drag songs to an empty spot ...

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