Chapter 13. Using Keywords Effectively

In This Chapter

  • Reviewing the keyword basics

  • Choosing great keywords

  • Placing keywords in your landing page and ads

  • Working with keyword tools

Why can't the search engines find my landing page? Why aren't my ads working? Why isn't my traffic increasing? Why are my bounce rates so high? These are some of the more common questions we hear all the time from people who struggle with their landing pages. Although all these troubles seem ominous and diverse, they can all have the same solution: keywords.

Knowing how, when, where, and which keywords to use is critical for landing page success. Choosing the wrong keywords and placing them in the wrong areas are sure to sink your efforts. This chapter is all about keywords — where they're used, why, how, and when. If you want your landing page to succeed, take the time to read and re-read this chapter until you're sure you have down the basics of keywords.

Reviewing Keyword Basics

You won't get very far in your Internet business if you don't have a thorough understanding of keywords — what they are, how they're used, and when they're used. Choosing great keywords and placing them correctly on your landing page is critical for your success. Working with keywords isn't as complicated as some may have you believe, but it does take some work and knowledge of online keyword resources.

So what exactly are keywords? You can compare keywords to the ads you find in the phonebook's Yellow Pages. In the Yellow Pages, each ...

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