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Media Promotion & Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable & the Internet, 5th Edition

Book Description

This fifth edition of the successful Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable, and the Web, 4ed takes an important, timely look at the newest media venue, the Internet. Under its new title, Media Promotion and Marketing for Broadcast, Cable and the Internet, 5ed it takes a fresh look at the industry and the latest strategies for media promotion and marketing.

The book explores the scope and goals of media production from the perspectives of network and local television, cable, Internet and radio, including public broadcasting. Topics include: goals of promotion; research in promotion; on-air, print, and Web message design; radio promotion; television network and station promotion and new campaigns; non-commercial radio and television promotion; cable marketing and promotion; research and budgeting for promotion; syndicated program marketing; global and international promotion and marketing; and online marketing and promotion.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Detailed Contents
  8. 1. Promoting the Media: Scope and Goals
    1. The Scope of the Book
    2. The Special Nature of Media Content
    3. Promotion’s Targets
    4. Attributes of Promotional Media
    5. Industry Changes
    6. Shifting Goals and Tactics
    7. Persistent Constraints on Promotion
    8. Models of Promotional Strategies and Tactics
    9. Model of Promotional Effectiveness
    10. Organization of This Book
  9. 2. Marketing Radio
    1. The Special Case of Radio
    2. A Quick Radio Marketing History
    3. Radio Promotion Goals
    4. Radio Research Effects
    5. Listener Acquisition, Maintenance, and Recycling
    6. External Media
    7. Generating Revenue
    8. Merchandising
    9. Community and Media Relations
    10. Moral Dilemmas
    11. Selected Readings and Websites
  10. 3. Local Television Promotion: News, Syndication, and Sales
    1. Big Four Network Affiliates
    2. Small-Five Hybrid Affiliates
    3. The Importance of On-Air Scheduling
    4. News Promotion
    5. Syndicated Series Marketing
    6. Public Service Promotion
    7. Sales Promotion
    8. Guidelines for Sales Promotion
    9. Selected Readings and Websites
  11. 4. Management, Research, and Budgeting in Promotion
    1. Organizational Hierarchies
    2. Group Ownership’s Influences
    3. Salaries
    4. Budgets
    5. Responsibilities
    6. Promotion and Marketing Research
    7. Primary Research Methods
    8. Syndicated Research
    9. Promotion Budget Strategy
    10. Budget Execution
    11. Selected Readings and Websites
  12. 5. Designing On-Air, Print, and Online Promotion
    1. Everything Counts
    2. Key Messages
    3. Source Identifiers
    4. Reinforcement, Repetition, and Congruence
    5. On-Air and Online Tools
    6. Basic Message Forms
    7. Design Content Elements
    8. Designing for the Medium
    9. Criteria for Likely Effectiveness
    10. Selected Readings and Videos
  13. 6. Network Television Promotion
    1. The Marketing Approach
    2. Evolving Network On-Air
    3. The Branding Approach
    4. Promo Scheduling
    5. Fall Campaigns
    6. Network Websites
    7. Other Media
    8. Network News Promotion
    9. Promotional Techniques and Strategies
    10. Selected Readings and Websites
  14. 7. Cable Marketing and Promotion
    1. The Old and the New
    2. Consumer Marketing by Cable Systems
    3. Program Promotion
    4. Sales Promotion by Cable Systems
    5. Marketing by Cable Networks
    6. Network Launch Strategies
    7. Remarketing
    8. DBS Marketing
    9. Cable Marketing in the Coming Decade
    10. Selected Readings and Websites
  15. 8. New Media Promotion
    1. Changing Expectations and Usage
    2. Internet Promotion
    3. Advantages of E-Mail
    4. Promotional Internet Sites
    5. Promoting Original Internet Content
    6. Webcasting
    7. Podcasting
    8. Mobisodes
    9. The Future Beyond
    10. Selected Readings and Websites
  16. 9. Promotion in Public Television and Radio
    1. The Ongoing Threat
    2. Institutional Marketing
    3. Branding Public Television
    4. PBS Program Promotion
    5. Local PTV Promotion
    6. Public Radio Promotion
    7. Looking Back and Ahead
    8. Selected Readings and Websites
  17. 10. Global Promotion and Marketing of Television
    1. Global Promotion Practices
    2. The Global Imperative
    3. New Marketing Emphases
    4. Global Television Marketing
    5. Cultural Sensibilities
    6. Getting Audiences
    7. Positioning New Services
    8. Effective Global Promotion
    9. Directions Ahead
    10. Selected Readings and Websites
  18. About the Contributing Authors
  19. Glossary
  20. Selected Bibliography
  21. Index