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Managerial Assumptions


Read the following statements. Write “Yes” if you agree with the statement, or “No” if you disagree with it. Force yourself to take a “yes” or “no” position for every statement.

  1. Are good pay and a secure job enough to satisfy most workers?
  2. Should a manager help and coach subordinates in their work?
  3. Do most people like real responsibility in their jobs?
  4. Are most people afraid to learn new things in their jobs?
  5. Should managers let subordinates control the quality of their work?
  6. Do most people dislike work?
  7. Are most people creative?
  8. Should a manager closely supervise and direct work of subordinates?
  9. Do most people tend to resist change?
  10. Do most people work only as hard as they have to?
  11. Should workers be allowed to set their own job goals?
  12. Are most people happiest off the job?
  13. Do most workers really care about the organization they work for?
  14. Should a manager help subordinates advance and grow in their jobs?


Count the number of “yes” responses to items 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12; write that number here as [X = ___]. Count the number of “yes” responses to items 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 14; write that score here [Y =___].


This assessment gives insight into your orientation toward Douglas McGregor's Theory X (your “X” score) and Theory Y (your “Y” score) assumptions. It's an opportunity to consider the ways in which you ...

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