Changing Times and Values

Throughout history, packaging designs have had varied objectives that reflected the different values and needs of different time periods. Although no one theme or approach has tied together the state of packaging design in the early twentyfirst century, simplicity has emerged as a defining philosophy. This highly regarded value—the thoughtful process of reducing the unnecessary complexity of design—advanced a streamlined focus to packaging design communication. The challenges of an effective and impactful packaging design communication strategy in an increasingly cluttered marketplace, along with the growing value consumers place on sustainability, has elevated the value of the packaging design and, in turn, the packaging designer (fig. 1.54).


Fig. 1.54Evian designer water bottle, circa 2007.Designer: Christian LacroixClient: Evian

Packaging design is an integral part of a company's overall brand strategy, and, consequently, there has been a heightened value placed on packaging design. The professions involved in the business of bringing a product to market are key stakeholders in the process. Previously, the marketer was in the advantageous position of decision maker, while other industry professionals functioned as service providers or vendors. The global business world no longer perceives the role of design as a means to an end, but rather as a core ...

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