Appendix 1 Summary of rules

Chapter 1: Persuasive Writing

Rule 1: include a call to action in your document

Chapter 2 Tools for Persuasive Writing

Rule 2: toy with people’s emotions for your own ends

Rule 3: talk directly to the reader using You, We and I

Rule 4: tell your readers about the benefits to them, not just the features

Rule 5: tell stories to your readers

Chapter 3 Persuasion – Beyond Logic

Rule 6: the reader is always right

Chapter 5 Conciseness equals Clarity

Rule 7: cut out jargon your reader will not be familiar with

Rule 8: write how you would talk unless you have to be formal

Rule 9: only use words of three syllables or more if you cannot use a shorter alternative

Rule 10: don’t write sentences that require you to take a breath ...

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