Chapter 2

The Basics of CSS3


check Defining styles

check Formatting text

check Using the box model

check Sprucing up your tables

check Positioning elements where you want them

In the last chapter, I explain how to use HTML5 to display content on your web page. However, when you just use HTML5, things look pretty boring! This chapter shows you how to incorporate style into your web pages to help liven things up (even if you’re not an artist).

First, I explain how to use CSS style sheets to style elements contained in the web page. Then I show you how to work with styles to change the color and font of text, make fancier lists, and spruce up your tables within your web pages. Finally, I explain how to work with the CSS positioning features to arrange your content in an appealing manner on the page.

Understanding Styles

When you specify an HTML5 element in your web page, the web browser decides just how that element should look. Browsers use a default styling to determine the difference between ...

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