Chapter 3

Creating an Application Using Frameworks


check Creating the template

check Building the scaffolding

check Modifying the scaffolding code

The previous chapter introduces some of the various framework packages available for PHP programming. Using a framework package can help simplify your web application development efforts, but you have to follow the framework rules. This chapter dives into creating a simple application using CakePHP so you can get a feel for just how frameworks operate, and how you can add your own PHP touches to the code they generate.

Building the Template

The CakePHP framework package creates a lot of the behind-the-scenes code for your application for you. That allows you to focus more on what’s important: the code that does all the application-specific work.

tip For this demo, I walk you through re-creating some of the basic features from the AuctionHelper application introduced in Book 6. If you aren’t familiar with that project, take a few minutes to jump back and skim through Book 6, Chapter 1, to get an idea of just what the AuctionHelper program does. ...

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