Chapter 1

Success in Project Management

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what makes a project a project

arrow Seeing what’s involved in project management

arrow Coming to grips with the Project Manager’s role

arrow Knowing what it takes to be a successful Project Manager

Organisations are constantly changing, and ever faster, as they adapt to new market conditions, new financial conditions, new business practices, new legal requirements and new technology. Then there is work to be done such as upgrading or moving premises, installing new facilities, carrying out major maintenance, improving manufacturing processes and re-branding commercial products. A lot of that work is carried out with projects, and as a result businesses are increasingly driven to find individuals who can excel in this project-oriented environment.

Taking on a Project

Because you’re reading this book, the chances are that you’ve been asked to manage a project for the first time or that you’re already running projects and are looking to see whether you can find easier and better ways of doing things. If the project is indeed your ...

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