Chapter 13

Being an Effective Leader

In This Chapter

arrow Being a leader as well as a manager

arrow Knowing what makes for a good manager, and a bad one

arrow Understanding motivation and demotivation

arrow Seeing why conflict can be really beneficial

arrow Knowing how your teams are really doing, not just reading reports

After intense work, you submit your Outline Charter (the document that includes the scope of the proposed project and other strategic information such as the initial Business Case; see Chapter 2) for review and approval. A few days later, your boss comes to you and says:

  • ‘I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?’
  • ‘Tell me the good news,’ you respond.
  • ‘Your Outline Charter’s been approved.’
  • ‘So, what’s the bad news?’ you ask.
  • ‘Now you have to do the project!’

Suddenly, it’s like everything flashes from two dimensions to three and gets very real. Probably you’ll be working a lot with others and so your success from this point on will depend on their success ...

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