Chapter 6

Planning the Activities

In This Chapter

arrow Coming up with a list of activities

arrow Creating an Activity Network diagram for your project

arrow Finding how long the project will take

arrow Understanding that only a subset of the activities affect the total duration

arrow Using the Gantt Chart

arrow Knowing how to estimate activity durations

In Chapter 5 the planning started with products: what it is you’re going to build and deliver. But products don’t have durations – a wooden table doesn’t have a time span; rather, it’s the activities to build the table that have the time span. To calculate the length of the project and to know what work is to be done, activity planning isn’t only extremely helpful, it’s essential.

In some cases your projects will have a required date for delivery so you’re going to need the activity plans to be sure that you can deliver by that time – and actually with some time, to ...

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