Go and AI research

In 2015, researchers from Google's DeepMind published a paper in Nature that detailed a novel reinforcement learning agent for Go called AlphaGo. In October of that year, AlphaGo beat Fan Hui, the European champion, 5-0. In 2016, AlphaGo challenged Lee Sedol, who, with 18 world championship titles, is considered one of the greatest players in modern history. AlphaGo won 4-1, marking a watershed moment in deep learning research and the game's history. In the following year, DeepMind published an updated version of AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, which defeated its predecessor 100 times in 100 games. In just a matter of days of training, AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero were able to learn and surpass the wisdom that mankind has accumulated ...

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