Chapter 6

A Proven Business Model: If It Ain’t Broken . . .

A French woman, upon seeing Picasso in a Parisian restaurant, approached the great master and insisted that he put down his coffee and make a quick sketch of her. When he was done, she took the drawing, put it in her handbag, and pulled out her billfold.

“How much do I owe you?” she asked.

“Five thousand dollars,” Picasso replies.

“Five thousand dollars? But it only took you three minutes!” she exclaimed.

“No,” Picasso answered. “It took me all my life.”

I share this story with you because the trade secrets you’re learning right now took me my entire career to learn over the past few decades. While there might be other ways to learn what I’m explaining in this book, I’m teaching you the best way I know how.

By now, you already have an idea what you want to cover. Now you have to figure out how to turn your marketable idea into a proven content model. The three best content models are as follows:

  • Expert panel
  • Single guru
  • Faceless model

An expert panel typically consists of multiple content providers who are experts in their niche. The single guru content model relies on one expert in a specific niche. The faceless model generally relies on an association or directory that uses the inbox magazine as a vehicle for displaying its own advertising. clearly follows the expert panel model. Besides myself, I’ve got several people, including Mariel Hemingway, Marie Forleo, Brian Tracy, and Dr. Sears, just to ...

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