Chapter 19

The Publisher’s Matrix: Your Content Empire

Now that you know how to make money promoting affiliate products and selling advertising, you need to learn about the publisher model and how to create your own products, like printed books, e-books, subscription sites, and multimedia home study courses (see Figures 19.1 through 19.4).

Figure 19.1 Publish printed books.


Figure 19.2 Publish e-books.


Figure 19.3 Publish subscription sites.


Figure 19.4 Publish multimedia courses.


Creating content and teaching can be fun, but what’s even better is when someone else creates it but you get to publish it and collect the money. Think about the difference between a professional athlete and the owner of the team. I would love to own a team (preferably the Yankees) and watch all the players each game, knowing that I can afford to pay them because I’m making the money to do so.

Or think about Oprah starting out with just one show—her own. With just one show, she was responsible for all the content that she delivered each episode. Now that she owns an entire network with multiple shows, ...

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