Chapter 9

Software and Systems: Technology Made Easy

Once you’re ready to start sending out your inbox magazine, you need to focus on the details: software and systems. Don’t worry, you won’t need to know how to program a computer or even design a web page. All you need to know is what types of services you need to use and how they work. For me, this was one of the scary parts. But I soon found out that it didn’t need to be. If I—a technological neophyte—can do it, anyone can do it.

The four services to look at include:

These are the only four solutions I recommend, but you can shop for similar services, so don’t feel that you have to use any of these. Just use these as a starting point.

AWeber is basically an e-mail auto-responder. People send you e-mail, and AWeber lets you decide how to automatically respond. For example, if someone signs up for your inbox magazine, you don’t want to manually send out a reply because you might get 100 requests at a time or get a request for your inbox magazine in the middle of the night.

By using AWeber, you can automate everything. As soon as someone requests your inbox magazine, AWeber can store that person’s e-mail address in your subscriber database and then send out a welcoming response. Each time you create an issue of your inbox magazine, use AWeber’s HTML templates and instruct AWeber to send it out to your subscribers on the day and time you specify.

I started Workings Moms ...

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