Chapter 10

Don’t Wait: Action You Can Take Right Now

Now that you’ve learned all the steps necessary to create your own inbox magazine, it’s time to put it all together. There are five action steps you need to take right now:

Step 1: Determine your content model.
Step 2: Determine your monetization model.
Step 3: Create a title and tagline.
Step 4: Decide on a delivery schedule and format.
Step 5: Define the structure of your inbox magazine.

Action Step 1

For action step 1, determine your content model by writing down your pros and cons for each one (see Figure 10.1). When you’re done, print out this out and circle instinctively which one you feel is best for you. The three choices are:

  • Panel
  • Guru
  • Faceless

Figure 10.1 Determining your content model.


Remember, a panel model involves getting other experts to contribute content periodically. A guru model focuses solely on you. A faceless model emphasizes a company or organization.

If you circle the faceless content model, ask yourself why. In most cases, you should follow the panel or guru model unless you have a really good reason for choosing the faceless model. Even if you are worried about personal privacy, use a pen name. There’s nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about that.

In general, I recommend the panel model. However, if you’re an author or celebrity or just want it to be all about you, go with the guru model. ...

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