Hack the Leisure Suit Larry Games

Find hidden nude scenes, easter eggs, and secret tricks in the risqué adventure series.

By the late eighties, graphic adventure games—cartoonish quests filled with brain-bending puzzles—were well on their way to becoming one of the most popular game categories available for the exploding personal computer market. Game publisher Sierra On-Line, having pioneered the genre with the ubiquitous King’s Quest, continued to grow the genre with titles like Police Quest, Space Quest, and a game called Leisure Suit Larry In The Land of the Lounge Lizards.

This groundbreaking game, filled with bawdy humor and adult situations, followed the adventures of a perpetually dateless, out-of-style, balding discohall getabout named Larry Laffer as he attempted to work his sleazy yet lovable self into the hearts of beautiful women. With each new entry in the popular series, Larry’s creator Al Lowe and his team of misfits hid all sorts of surprises, from more revealing artwork of the games’ leading ladies to tricks and cheats that let the impatient player bypass some difficult moments.

In this hack, I’ll run down some of the best tricks and secrets hidden in the Leisure Suit Larry games. Just be warned that if you don’t already have the games, tracking down original copies can be extremely difficult as Sierra no longer publishes them. Try searching the online auction site eBay (http://www.eBay.com) to find the games; add the phrase -magna to the end of your search string ...

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