Chapter 13

Organizing and Viewing Content


Bullet Working with content metadata

Bullet Understanding views

Bullet Creating and managing views

Bullet Displaying views with Web Parts

You may remember Bill Gates proclaiming that “content is king” back in the mid-1990s. Nearly two decades since, it still couldn’t be more true. The rate at which modern organizations are generating digital content is staggering. One of SharePoint’s sweet spots is managing content, which is why many organizations adopt the platform in the first place.

In Chapter 7 you learn how to get documents into SharePoint. In this chapter, you delve into organizing and viewing those documents. You discover how to customize SharePoint apps based on libraries (library apps are covered initially in Chapter 7 and are covered in more detail in Chapter 11) and how these apps are used to manage documents. Finally, you learn how to create views into your content so that your content is easily accessible, filterable, and readily available for you and others to consume.

Working with Documents

After you upload your documents to an app ...

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