Chapter 19

Creating a Client or Partner Portal


Bullet Setting up a client or partner portal using SharePoint

Bullet Inviting users and getting them up to speed

Bullet Creating a public website with GoDaddy and Wix

Creating and using a client or partner portal based on SharePoint is now easier than ever. SharePoint takes away all of the difficulties in setting up the infrastructure, freeing you to work on the shared content with your clients and partners. In the first part of this chapter, you get such a portal set up in just a few minutes. You invite new users to the portal and figure out how to get them started. Finally, you explore how to set up a public-facing website using your special Office 365 discount with GoDaddy or Wix.

Sharing a Site with External Guests

Microsoft has dramatically streamlined the process for sharing a SharePoint site with external guest users. For example, you might want to share a SharePoint site with clients or partners. In the past this required a significant amount of SharePoint knowledge and caused a tremendous amount of frustration for people.

The simplest way to create a client or partner portal is to create a site dedicated to those particular guests ...

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