Chapter 24

Ten Hot SharePoint 2019 Topics

Microsoft has a number of websites on which it posts all of its detailed product information. This chapter outlines some of these sites, including those geared for IT professionals, administrators, and end users of SharePoint.

Getting Up to Speed with SharePoint

Using SharePoint is fairly straightforward. At the base level, it’s simply a website that users navigate to using their web browser. In this sense, SharePoint is no different than any other website. A number of resources go deeper into the intricacies of SharePoint from a user level.

Microsoft maintains an excellent resource for help at This site contains all sorts of help topics for Office apps, including SharePoint Online. To find the SharePoint content, navigate to the site and click the SharePoint icon.

SharePoint Online Videos

Channel 9 is a Microsoft-focused video-content site. It includes a ton of resources for SharePoint and is worth checking out. Whether you are an administrator, power user, or end user you will find something worth watching on Microsoft’s Channel 9.

SharePoint Online Official Documentation

Nothing beats the official, Microsoft created, documentation and you can find it on the website. You will find all sorts of details for just about every feature in SharePoint. The documentation is technical in ...

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