Are you still trading without news?

Armando Gonzalez

To make business decisions, people have been manually extracting patterns from news for centuries, but the increasing volume of news in modern times has called for more automated approaches. News analysis can now be done by collecting and processing information using computer systems equipped to handle the intricacies of the human language.

A vast amount of textual information is available in real time through newswire services and even more is updated on a regular basis on the web. Newswires are delivered by news agencies that provide information from around the world, covering breaking events in business, finance, politics, entertainment, and more. Professional newswire services are organizations of journalists established to supply news reports to other organizations in the news trade: newspapers, magazines, and radio and television broadcasters. The major news agencies generally prepare hard-news stories and feature articles that can be used by other organizations with little or no modification, and then sell them to other news providers.

Today, computers can quantify many aspects of textual content including positive and negative perceptions on facts and opinions reported in the news. They can continuously analyze relevant information from all major news and internet sources like financial sites, blogs, and local and regional newspapers to produce real-time news sentiment scores. These scores not only allow market participants ...

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