Secure ADEPT People in the Right Roles and Deal with Inevitable Resistance by Day 70


Of all the tools in your toolbox, putting people in the right roles is one of the most powerful. It is also the most explosive. As you seek to evolve (or shock!) the culture, these moves will be the most decisive and will have the greatest impact.

Often, team members of a culture or organization that is beginning to evolve will watch and wait to see if there are any consequences for not evolving with the new culture. They will pay particular attention to the team members who say things like, “All that meeting and report stuff is fine, but if it means I have to change what I do, forget it!” The moment somebody is terminated or moved or promoted, those who have been resisting the change often develop a completely different view of things. There is no single way to impact BRAVE more quickly than changes to the organization chart.

Everybody on the team feels it when people moves are made. Everyone will have an opinion (usually strong) on the moves and how they affect them. Personnel moves spark emotions, fears, and egos, so you need to be careful and thoughtful about who, what, and especially when you move people. Recognize that moving people should actually be seen as your most potent communication tool: this woman means business and she means it now!

As a leader, you can help your team ...

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