4Dissecting a DigitalCamcorder


Scott Anderson





Dooley may be a little crusty, but he’s the kind of guy you can trust with your camcorder. So when mine broke, he was the man to fix it. This was the perfect chance to learn the inside story about this amazing piece of technology, from the moment that the light hits the lens to the final TV output (see Figure 4-1).

“There’s a lot of technology crammed into this little thing,” said Dooley, who actually seemed to glow when he talked tech. “It has lenses, motors, gyros, microphones, a clock, a tape deck, a computer and a TV. Not to mention a dozen input and output jacks. It’s a robot-operated entertainment center in the palm of your hand. So, how did you break it?” he asked.

“I didn’t break ...

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