The Interrupt Structure of 8086


  • The concept of an interrupt.
  • The interrupt response of the 8086.
  • The way the interrupt vector table is organized for 8086.
  • The idea of software interrupts.
  • The operation of hardware interrupts of 8086.
  • The significance of DOS and BIOS interrupts.
  • How to access the video display by the use of BIOS interrupts.
  • How to access the video display by direct writing/reading to the video RAM.
  • How the PC’s keyboard and its controller are organized.
  • How to use BIOS interrupts for keyboard access.
  • The method of ‘hooking’ interrupts.
  • How to write TSR programs.


The word ‘interrupt’ brings to our mind many situations. It could be that we are at home doing something ...

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