Advanced Processors—80286 to Pentium


  • The impact that 80286 made to the realm of PCs.
  • The major changes that the 80386 architecture offered.
  • The programming enhancements of 80386.
  • The features of PVAM and the concept of virtual memory.
  • The mechanism of address translation in the protected mode.
  • The importance and implementation of pro­tection mechanisms in the 80386.
  • The issues and methods of task switching.
  • The use of the interrupt descriptor table and exceptions of 80386.
  • The features of 80486 which are an enhanced set of the ’386 features.
  • The idea of burst mode data transfers for both 80486 and Pentium.
  • Why data alignment is important for multibyte processors.
  • The features of Pentium.
  • The cache structure ...

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