6Zate Berg

Closeup image of the recruiter and developer at InfoSec “Zate Berg.”

“I take ethics/honesty seriously, and in our line of work we need to strive for being honest and truthful all the time.”

Twitter: @zate

Zate has 25 years in tech, the last 8 in building/leading security teams/programs. He is originally from Australia and spent parts of his youth in the outback. He was in the Australian Army working in meteorology, survey, and communications. He started his journey in security at PwC and led his first team working for Bioware. He later spent some time building security programs for Bethesda/ZeniMax games. He is currently recruiting and developing great InfoSec people to “Help People Get Jobs” at Indeed.com. Zate is married with two boys and two corgis and spends his spare time in #TheShed woodworking.

Do you believe there is a massive shortage of career cybersecurity professionals?

I think there is no shortage of junior/entry-level talent who have the right skills and knowledge and who need developing so they gain the right behaviors and experience.

I think there is a shortage of qualified senior talent who have the experience, knowledge, and behaviors to cover the width of securing complex environments. Finding and keeping these senior people is competitive. You need to understand what they are looking for and ensure that you, your team, and your organization can provide that. These people have often experienced a lot of organizations ...

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