40Edward Prevost

Closeup image of the staff security engineer II at Squarespace “Edward Prevost.”

“It's helpful to see risk appetite cleanly aligned to decisions and strategy; that enables me to make smart calculated risks.”

Twitter: @edwardprevost

Edward Prevost is currently a staff security engineer II at Squarespace, the all-in-one platform for websites, domains, online stores, and marketing tools. Edward got started with computing at a young age when his uncle gifted him C and BASIC textbooks. The son of a master stonemason (who happened to work at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [RPI]), he was raised with no computers at home but had access to the converted-cathedral computer lab at RPI and eventually an IBM Aptiva, on which he grew his expertise leveraging dial-in access to the RPI network.

Many late nights on IRC and BBCs later, Edward began his formal career at Albany Medical Center as an application specialist, tackling complex technical problems found in academia and healthcare. Over the course of his career, he helped to build the Information Security Technology Center of GE in Glenn Allen, Virginia; design, review, and deploy core security architectures for Adobe—most notably adobe.io; lead an ICS research team at Tenable; and build and direct the Fraud Engineering, CIAM, and IVR teams at Zions Bancorporation. Most recently, Edward joined Squarespace to help drive and promote growth and maturity of the organization's security engineering ...

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