If you are reading this book, chances are that you own a company or are planning to start one sometime soon. You are probably thinking about raising venture capital. We appreciate that you have come to us in your search for information. It’s okay if you don’t know a thing about venture capital or private investments at all. We are here to help! We wrote this book for anyone who’s considering seeking venture capital. We help nearly 100 companies each year go through the process of seeking investment. All this time, we have been taking notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Venture capital and venture capitalists may seem scary and larger-than-life at first. It turns out that VCs are real people, too! In this book, we demystify the venture capitalist so you can get past that “all powerful man (or woman) behind the curtain” feeling.

Venture capital investment is only one of the many ways that you can fund your company.

check.png Venture capital investment can help a start-up company attain much larger milestones in a much quicker timeframe than it would otherwise be able to do.

check.png Companies that take venture capital get more than money. They also get the expertise of the VCs and VCs’ network of advisors and business people.

The venture capital track is the fast track. Companies ...

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