Part III

Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Deal Design and Due Diligence


pt_webextra_bw.TIF Having an attorney is vital during deal structure and negotiation. Find what to look for when hiring an attorney at

In this part…

check.png Recognize the key stages of the funding lifecycle, from bootstrapping to venture capital.

check.png Put together a term sheet, anticipate necessary restructuring, and avoid early pitfalls as you get ready to approach VCs.

check.png Identify and mitigate the kinds of risk that, if left unaddressed, could destroy your business or undermine your venture deal.

check.png Discover a variety of techniques that help you determine the value of your company. Learn what to do when the VC calculates a different value.

check.png Negotiate the specific terms in your contract with a VC and know which ...

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