Ideas for New Articles

If you’re not sure whether Wikipedia would welcome an idea you have for a new article, consider asking for early feedback, before you spend a lot of time. You can do that at Wikipedia:Drawing board (shortcut: WP:DRAW). Be sure to read all the instructions at the top, particularly this sentence:

If you post here, you should explain (briefly) why you think an article is merited (that is, why a subject is notable), and you should provide at least a couple of links (to demonstrate that there are reliable sources for such an article).

If you’re looking for a topic for a new article, you’ll find lists of needed topics in a number of places:

  • Wikipedia:Most wanted articles (shortcut: WP:MWA)

  • Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year (shortcut: WP:AR1)

  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles (shortcut: WP:MEA)

  • Wikipedia:Requested articles (shortcut: WP:RA)

  • Category:Redirects with possibilities (shortcut: CAT:RWP)

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