The Books Web Site
Maya is a mature product and this book focuses on its stable, core capabilities. But Autodesk
works hard at enhancing Maya with cutting-edge animation technology to keep it ahead
of the competition. Inevitably, there are changes to Maya that impact even introductory
books like this one.
So, on the books Web site, http://3DbyBuzz.com, I will post revisions of the tutorials
presented in this book to keep it up to date with new releases of Maya. I will also post any
errata on the Web site.
On the Web site, there are a number of video tutorials on Maya, as well as a blog on which
I post short lessons on Maya. at blog can be accessed independently: http://buzzking.me.
If you are an instructor using this book as a text, I would welcome the opportunity to
interact with your students. My e-mail is buzz@3DbyBuzz.com. For that matter, if you are
using this book personally, I would love to hear from you.
Buzz King

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