17.2. Access Features on SharePoint

Access 2007 has four features for SharePoint that have entry points from within the SharePoint user interface: the Access Web Datasheet, the Open with Access button on SharePoint list Actions menu, Import from SharePoint, and Access Views on SharePoint. While Open in Access and Access Views from SharePoint are new to Access 2007, the Access Web Datasheet and Importing from SharePoint were both available in Access 2003, although the features were somewhat more limited in scope.

Access 2003 was the first release of Access to support any SharePoint integration. This SharePoint support was provided by the owssupp.dll, which is installed and registered on the default installation of Microsoft Office System 2003. Once this DLL was installed, the Access Web Datasheet could be used from within Internet Explorer to edit SharePoint lists. Importing from or linking to a SharePoint List could be completed by using the Access Web Datasheet Task Pane options.

The same is true with Access 2007. By default, the owssupp.dll is installed in the Office program files directory when Microsoft Office 2007 Professional is installed. However, if desired, you can choose not to install the owssupp.dll component during the installation process by selecting the Not Installed option in Office 2007 installer Office Tools node Windows SharePoint Services components Microsoft ...

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