Special thanks to Edie Jarolim (Tucson) and Sheri Radel Rosenberg (Brooklyn), editors-slash-writers-slash-thinkers who tag-teamed the creation of the first real draft of this book. None of Agile PR would be possible without the editorial genius of Ellen Mallernee Barnes (Nashville) and Heidi Ernst (Charlottesville), both permanent members of our Havas PR team and true wizards of the word, and Stuart Harris (Bath, England), a man we rely on for global insights and strategy, research methodologies, and that special perspective that comes from fluency in more languages than I have fingers on my right hand.

A few key members of our New York–based Havas PR leadership team, Jody Sunna, Karina Meckel, Lisa Vanella, and Ravi Sunnak, contributed ...

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