Management by Detached Involvement

From table 3.3 you can see that the new-paradigm concept of Man is “enlarging” beyond the “ego level” of a human being. Consequently, the emerging approach in management is one of integration and transformation. This involves a synthesis between your self-centered, ego-level needs and your self-less consciousness as a transcendent being. You then experience a kind of self-ness, operating from an integrated and “balanced” level of being. Such transformative and synergistic approaches alone can bring about the kind of goal congruence – at a micro- and macro-level – that is now being increasingly expected from organizations, and therefore from managers.

In fact, such “master managers” are expected to perform the multiple leadership roles of “focalizer,” “facilitator”, “synergizer,” and “co-creator”:

  • focalizer, generating shared vision, mission, position, and attention
  • facilitator, bringing about commitment, action, harmony, and growth
  • synergizer, helping to achieve individual/organizational/societal role/goal congruence
  • co-creator, positioning oneself as co-learner and co-shaper of success – the first among equals, not the “hero”

In that managerial capacity you need to balance, and integrate, the economic and technological goals of business with the ecological and psycho-social aspirations of society, through a shared vision and committed action. In order to understand the complexities involved, and be able to achieve such goal and role congruence, ...

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