If you don't want to become an Internet marketing maniac, don't. Mastering tactics like search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and the many other tools are for those who want to spend their time online. If that's not where your passion lies you'll quickly become overwhelmed. If you are simply not driven to spend your energy learning a new technology, but you still want to leverage the power of the Internet, hire or partner with others who have the skills, talents, and desires that you do not.

Either way, you need to know the fundamentals on how to:

  • Build a great web site, and they will come.
  • Get more visitors to your web site.
  • Convert them into clients.
  • Establish and grow your social media platform.

Guess What? You've Already Done Most of the Work

As challenging as the journey to web site success may seem right now, you might be pleasantly surprised that the work you've already done in this book has secretly set you up for success. Your web site is your opportunity to decide and control how you're known. Your tagline boldly expresses why you do what you do. Your site should speak to the values of your ideal clients and demonstrate how dedicated you are to your target market, their needs and desires, and the number one biggest result that you help them get, along with the financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits they will receive ...

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