Creating the Secure Managed Desktop: Using Group Policy, SoftGrid, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Other Management Tools

Book description

Learn how to secure and manage every desktop in your network with Creating the Secure Managed Desktop: Using Group Policy, SoftGrid, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Other Management Tools. Understand the tools and technologies you will need to create a more secure network using Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and other Windows platforms and learn how to manage, diagnose, configure, update, and protect multiple desktops in an Active Directory network. Master automating tasks, setting and controlling settings, managing user profiles, and locking down systems from this must-have reference.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dear Reader
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Contributors
  6. Introduction
  7. Deploying Windows with Style: Windows Deployment Services (WDS), and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008
    1. It's All About Imaging
    2. Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
    3. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 (MDT), Formerly Known as BDD
    4. Final Thoughts
  8. Profiles: Local, Roaming, and Mandatory
    1. What Is a User Profile?
    2. Roaming Profiles
    3. Mandatory Profiles
    4. Final Thoughts
  9. Implementing a Managed Desktop, Part 1: Redirected Folders, Offline Files, and the Synchronization Manager
    1. Overview of Change and Configuration Management
    2. Redirected Folders
    3. Offline Files and Synchronization
    4. Using Folder Redirection and Offline Files over Slow Links
    5. Final Thoughts
  10. The Managed Desktop, Part 2: Software Deployment via Group Policy
    1. Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI) Overview
    2. Assigning and Publishing Applications
    3. Advanced Published or Assigned
    4. Default Group Policy Software Installation Properties
    5. Removing Applications
    6. Using Group Policy Software Installation over Slow Links
    7. Managing .MSI Packages and the Windows Installer
    8. Do You Need a "Big Management Tool" for Your Environment?
    9. Final Thoughts
  11. Application Virtualization and SoftGrid Essentials
    1. About Application Virtualization
    2. SoftGrid Architecture and Server-Side Installation
    3. Installing and Using the SoftGrid Client
    4. SoftGrid Sequencing
    5. Delivering SoftGrid Applications
    6. SoftGrid Troubleshooting 101
    7. Deploying Your Applications to the Masses
    8. Final Thoughts
  12. SoftGrid—Beyond the Basics
    1. SoftGrid Management Console
    2. SoftGrid Client Management Console
    3. SoftGrid Client Applet
    4. Final Thoughts
  13. SoftGrid Sequencing Secrets
    1. Inside the SoftGrid Sequencer
    2. Advanced Sequencing
    3. Sequence Troubleshooting
    4. Final Thoughts
  14. Client Security with WSUS 3.0 and MBSA
    1. Patch Management's Cast of Characters: WU, MU, MBSA, WSUS, SCE, and SCCM
    2. Understanding the Components of WSUS
    3. Installation Requirements and Prerequisites
    4. WSUS Architectures
    5. Installing the WSUS Server
    6. WSUS and Group Policy
    7. Setting Up Our Example Environment
    8. The WSUS Console
    9. Troubleshooting WSUS
    10. WSUS from the Command Line
    11. Tips and Tricks for a Smooth WSUS Experience
    12. Best Practices in Patch Management
    13. The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
    14. Final Thoughts
  15. Network Access Protection with Group Policy
    1. Network Policy Services and Network Access Protection
    2. Configuring NAP via the NAP Wizard
    3. Troubleshooting NAP
    4. Final Thoughts
  16. Finishing Touches with Group Policy: Controlling Hardware, Deploying Printers, and Implementing Shadow Copies
    1. Restricting Access to Hardware via Group Policy
    2. Assigning Printers via Group Policy
    3. Shadow Copies (aka Previous Versions)
    4. Final Thoughts
  17. Full Lockdown with Windows SteadyState
    1. Windows SteadyState Concepts and Installation
    2. Configuring Windows SteadyState (for Nondomain-Joined Computers)
    3. Configuring Windows SteadyState (for Domain-Joined Computers)
    4. Final Thoughts for This Chapter and for the Book
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Creating the Secure Managed Desktop: Using Group Policy, SoftGrid, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Other Management Tools
  • Author(s): Jeremy Moskowitz
  • Release date: June 2008
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9780470277645