Chapter 3

Choosing the Best Software


check Deciding SaaS, building, or buying

check Deciding what you need in a vendor

check Picking software that’s best for you

check Training users on the CRM

check Getting your security in place

Picking the right CRM software is no small task. Because the CRM you choose will be a vital part of your sales, marketing, and operations, it’s critical you make the best choice with all the information you can find. Every company has goals and challenges, and the better you understand exactly how you operate today and what your vision of the future is, the easier you can implement CRM into your business. There are many aspects to a CRM, so you need to define your requirements and find the best CRM vendor to match those requirements.

In this chapter, you develop CRM decision-making tools and get access to the resources available to help you make the best decision. It’s important to remember that one size does not fit all. There’s a reason the CRM software market has so ...

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