Chapter 12

Managing Your Knowledge Base in Your CRM


check Creating a repository of information for easy access by your team

check Protecting your internal knowledge base

check Making your knowledge base available to your leads and clients

Intellectual capital often describes the special sauce that your company and employees bring to the market. Your team’s knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in your market is why someone pays you or your company instead of a competitor.

Your CRM can be used to store this knowledge in an easily accessible format, connecting your internal processes and documentation. The way you manage your sales, marketing, and operations with your CRM is unique to you. The better you document the way you do business, the easier new people learn your processes and the faster your team can look up helpful reference documentation.

A knowledge base is a searchable database of useful processes, facts, and documentation for your team to use. This chapter covers how to set up a knowledge base for you and your company. When directly integrated into your CRM, a knowledge base provides access to information when needed, without overwhelming your team with massive, hard-to-find ...

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