Chapter 19

Ten Common CRM Mistakes

The best way to build a successful CRM strategy is to be ready for the things that can derail your progress. CRM requires vision, foresight, and a lot of hard work. With this chapter, you can prepare for obstacles that have tripped up other people.

Not Getting Buy In from Your Team

CRM is a team effort spanning across all departments. To succeed with CRM, your entire team must be onboard and take ownership of the process. When one person tries to force the CRM vision on everyone else in an organization, resentment ensues. And resistance kills a CRM implementation. Everyone must participate and believe in the why behind the CRM.

Believing CRM Is about Software

CRM is a mindset and a strategy. Everyone has to change the way he or she thinks about business, and your culture must be one of open communication. Installing your CRM software doesn’t magically solve your business’s problems. Everyone must make the effort to learn and use the software every day. Each team member takes responsibility for going through onboarding and training.

Not Doing Your Homework First

You can’t just jump into a CRM and expect it to “work.” You have to take the time to understand your business. You need to build your own data structure, define your processes, and segment your customers. If you don’t take the time to do upfront work, you’ll have to go back and rework everything you started with your CRM.

Not Listening to Expert Advice

Rely on experts who are familiar ...

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