Chapter 11

Joining the Marketing Automation Revolution


check Understanding what marketing automation is and how to use it

check Creating campaigns and workflows around automation

check Setting up automation around lead scoring

Marketing automation uses software to automate communication and task scheduling. You have the power to set up rules that trigger specific actions based on what your contacts have done. For example, you can have an email automatically sent to a contact who’s signed up for your newsletter. Marketing automation saves time and money, while giving your team the tools to focus on what they do best.

Marketing automation and your CRM are tightly linked. They represent different aspects of the same relationship and are components to help you manage, nurture, and engage your leads. Used effectively, they initiate and foster a desire for your leads and contacts to connect to you. The more you harness technology to help communicate, the easier you can sell to your leads.

This chapter explains marketing automation, how to design automated campaigns, and how to integrate your processes into your CRM.

Defining Automation

Marketing automation, when done right, represents ...

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